SPIRIT Animation has more than a decade producing campaigns for brands such as DISNEY, ERICSSON DUBAI, NIKE CHINA, TIM ITALY, etc. Among its range of services offered are 3D animation productions, 2D, direction and screenplay, creation of stills for illustrations, post-production visual effects, motion-design and new technologies (augmented reality and virtual reality).

The studio also works in Entertainment, creator of the animated series KARL ™ (104 episodes at DISNEY XD, AMAZON PRIME, etc.), collaborating with animations for the feature films "Sheep and Wolves" (Russia), "Snow Queen 3" (Russia ), '' Big Trip '' (Russia) and games such as '' Perigosa Mente '' (Detran-PR), '' KARL ™ Racing '' and '' KARL FIGHTER '' (in production).

In addition to its School of Animation and Visual Effects (SPIRIT TITAN ACADEMY ™), SPIRIT is also the producer of dozens of original content, with more than 10 projects in development. The studio received an investment to produce three animated pilot episodes, Rudah ™, Wolfgang ™ and Joe & Joy ™, written, directed and produced within the studio.

In 2016 SPIRIT was selected for the "Scale Up Endeavor" program, created for high-impact entrepreneurship.

In 2017, at the American Film Market (AFM) in Los Angeles, Macedo, Creative Director and Screenwriter of Spirit won the 3rd place with his script "Rosie and the Bear ™", currently in development.

In 2018 SPIRIT began the development of the Finnish animated series ''WALKING WALNUT'' and started the 3rd Season of KARL™ Animated Series, which already has more than 200 million views on YouTube in less than 2 months .

Filmography and Awards:

- KARL ® - 1st & 2nd Season / 3D Animated Series (2014-2018) / 104 episodes / On DISNEY Channel XD, Amazon Prime, Playkids, TV Cultura, Youku China, TV School, Wildbrain (DHX), Mobibase, KTH Korea, Sic TV, Badibiboo, etc.
- RUDAH ® / 3D Animation (2018)
- PRESS START WOLFGANG ® / 3D Animation (2018)
- JOE & JOY ® / 3D Animation (2018)
- Intergalactic Popcorn / 3D Animation (2016). Co-production: Oger Sepol
- The Mind of Juanito / 3D Animation (2014) - Selected for Anima Mundi
- Temptation / 3D Animation (2013)
- The Legend of Iguazu Falls / 3D Animation (2010) - Winner of awards such as the Honorable Mention at the International Children's Film Festival, RPC-TV Innovation Prize, the Silver Arara Prize, among others.
- The Comic Book Boy - Adaptation of the homonymous work of ZIRALDO / Animation 2D + 3D + Live Action (2008). Co-production: Oger Sepol
- The Adventures of the Incredible Mr. Puppy / 3D Animation (2005)

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“KARL® Animated Series - 2° Season”

(Animation 3D, 2016)

KARL © is an edutainment series starring the great hero made of pear, Karl and his team of friends facing non-healthy funny monsters! This series was renewed for its Second Season, containing 52 villains, with each episode airing between the commercials of the main attraction network grid.

About - KARL® Animated Series - 2° Season

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KARL® - 1° Season

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“KARL® Animated Series - 1° Season”

(Animation 3D, 2014)

KARL © is an edutainment series starring the great hero made of pear, Karl and his team of friends facing non-healthy funny monsters! The series premiered in Disney XD Channel for all Latin America at July 1st 2014, airing between the commercials of the main attraction network grid.

About - KARL® Animated Series - 2° Season

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A Pipoca Intergaláctica

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“The Intergalactic Popcorn” (CO-PRODUCTION)

(Short Film, Animation 3D, 2015)

The Intergalactic Popcorn tells the story of a corn popcorn treated as an "Cosmic Egg" by alien beings in a post-apocalyptic universe. They have a mission called "Bang" that aims to pop the Cosmic Egg.

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Curta-metragem - A Mente de Juanito

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“Jonny's Mind”

(Short Film, Animation 3D, 2014) - Selected for Anima Mundi 2014

Jonny's Mind its KARL ® Animated Series pilot, set on the conflict of Jonny's mind, having to choose between drinking a soda or an orange juice. To help Jonny find a right answer, the hero Karl appears showing Jonny the consequences of choosing one of the options. Karl will face personifications of non-healthy foods, like a soda robot machine.

Saiba mais - A Mente de Juanito

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Filme - Tentação

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(Short Film, Animation 3D, 2013)

“Temptation” tells the story of a young and anxious little boy that fights to resist the urge to eat a big and tasty hamburguer. The backstory tells about obesity, a serious global issue that causes major damage to our health.

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A Lenda das Cataratas - SPIRIT Animation Studios

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“The Legend of Iguazu Falls”

(Short film, Animation 3D, 2009)

In 1986 the Iguazu Falls were declared Humanity's Natural Heritage. This is the indigenous legend that tells about its formation. Based on the thrilling legend that tells of the rise of the Iguassu Falls in the world, The Legend of Iguaçu Falls is a movie that speaks above all, about love, its innocence and its consequences.

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“The Comic Book Boy” (CO-PRODUCTION)

(Short Film, co-production from Ziraldo's work, 2008)

Produced by Oger Sepol Productions and Spirit Animation, the movie is a pleasant metaphor about the alphabetization process. It tells, in a dream like, the adventures of a boy that lived inside a comic book. There, he was happy and free to control his own universe. Until one day he awakes and fin himself in the middle of nowhere.

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“The Adventures of the Incredible Mr. Puppy”

(Short Film, animation 3D, 2005)

This is the story of an uncommon hero that has no clue of what is his mission and where it will take him. His villain, an evil carrot, wants to destroy the hero just for fun. The movie is interrupted by it's animators that, in an act of curiosity, brings the hero to their animation studio.

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