Bacio di Latte – Mother’s Day

A Delicious Mother’s Day Needs Ice Cream

One of Brazil’s most famous gelato chains, Bacio Di Latte, prepared for Mother’s Day a tribute to all of them, be they mothers of blood or of creation. On Mother’s Day, all moms got a free gelato from every store in the company. The mothers were aunts, grandparents, older sisters, adoptive mothers, mothers of pets, mothers of all kinds.

The action created by the digital agency Mirum was animated by the production company SPIRIT Animation Studios, directed by Fernando Macedo.

“In this action we have prepared, we wish to honor all those women who have an incomparable love for their children, whether of blood or of consideration, and nothing could be better than presenting them with a delicious ice cream from Bacio Di Latte,” says Rodrigo Svezia , director of service at Mirum.

“Mother’s day, for a brand where most of the customers today are women, has a special appeal. In addition, we understand together with Mirum, that on their day, a welcoming and inviting communication combined with a gelato given to all mothers, is a way of thanking the brand for its affection “echoes Edoardo Tonolli, founder of Bacio Di Latte .

Watch the video below


SPIRIT Animation Studios | Bacio di Latte - Mother's Day - SPIRIT Animation Studios
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