And what would the world without science be like?

It is with great satisfaction that we share the newest production of the Young Biocientist Project: the animation “The World without Science”, directed by SPIRIT Animation Studios and with the support of the Pro-Rectory of Culture and Extension of the University of São Paulo, Banco Santander and Institute of Biomedical Sciences.

The World without Science is a project that started from an idea of ​​students and professors of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of the University of São Paulo (USP), São Paulo, with the support of the I USP / Santander Edict, of a ‘World Without Science’ ‘. With the production and direction of SPIRIT Animation Studios, this animation is part of the Young Biocientist University Extension Project, which aims to promote bioscience education for elementary and middle school students and teachers.

Sponsor teachers: Ana Marcia de Sá Guimarães and Robson Francisco de Souza. Participating students: Bruna N. Fortes, Camila S. B. Silva, Camila P. Soares, Carolina de M. Albino, Carolina O. Barbeiro, Daniela V. Giacone, Flávio da S. Mesquita, Giovanna A. de Souza, Luiza B.C.T. Coimbra, Maiara P. G. Antonio, Mayrine F. de Oliveira, Paula da S. Canôas, Victor de S. Agostino.

2D Animation by SPIRIT Animation Studios
Direction: SPIRIT Animation Studios
Script: Ana Marcia de Sá Guimarães and Fernando Macedo
Original Soundtrack: Marco Duboc
Voices (Portuguese): Maria Clara ”Clarinha” Stadnik
Voices (English): Silvia Macedo
Support: Pro-Rectory of Culture and Extension of the University of São Paulo and Banco Santander.


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