Karl© – Season 1 & 2 (Watch it on DISNEY XD, AMAZON PRIME, PLAYKIDS)


It was from a dream that an idea arose. And this idea took shape, created life and became Karl Animated Series, which enchants thousands of families and children.

Karl ® Animated Series is fully produced by SPIRIT Animation Studios and, in partnership with Disney, is aired daily on DisneyXD channel with a global reach for millions of children. The animated series had such a positive response that now has expanded to millions of new homes in recent distribution deals.


What happens when you can’t resist deliciously unhealthy foods? Our consciousness manifests itself in the form of a pear hero, of course.

Well, at least this is the case of young Jonny with the powerful and clumsy Karl, who exists inside the little boy’s mind and is always rescuing him from terrible villains that appear in his life in the form of unhealthy temptations.

Allied to Karl, a team of friendly heroes help him fight the threats that Jonny faces daily. They are the famous junk foods – pizzas, soft drinks, hot dogs, cotton candy, among others. In addition to letting him get more puffed up, these villains can make him very, very unhealthy.

Together they face the most crazy situations, with a loot of good mood and mishmash.

The series premiered on Disney Channel XD for Latin America on July 1, 2014, followed by the second season that is currently being aired by the channel.

Karl ® Animated Series can be watched in more than 20 countries like United States, Canada, South Korea, Africa, among others.

There are 2 seasons with more than 100 episodes of pure edutainment!


First Season



Second Season



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