ROSIE AND BEAR© is a character-driven epic journey about a young deer, who seeks to become a wizard, and a blind bear, once a legendary hero, who set out on a journey to protect an artifact that holds an Ancient Evil Spirit trapped inside, whose power is capable of destroying the whole world.

Four known references are poured into ROSIE AND BEAR’s amazing universe: Imagine the visuals of KUNG FU PANDA, with HARRY POTTER’s magic, MOANA’s beautiful songs, and MIYAZAKI’s mysteries.

A film about an epic journey on an amazing world of anthropomorphic animals, where a ”deer”, brave wizard apprentice, and a blind bear, legendary-warrior, must work together to protect the kingdom from an ancient evil trapped in a powerful artifact. But it’s also about the universal themes of going after your dreams, embracing opportunities and giving your utmost best to make it happen. It’s about facing our limitations, believing in ourselves and going beyond limits to help the ones we care.

The film has a very unique aspect related to the BEAR’s lack of vision. We will show, in an innovative 2D animated view, the BEAR’s BLIND SENSES. A black screen with 2D animated elements that will show us the audio senses that he gets it from his surroundings. This will help the audience understand a bit of the struggle that blind people go through without their sight.

So what’s got us so jazzed? ROSIE AND BEAR © is a special project in many ways, centered in the relationship between very rich characters in its depth. Where both needs to accept life’s unpredictable bumps and twists, not letting their inner flames burn out. A film that seeks to inspire the world on keeping an optimistic point of view towards life, no matter how hard it gets. And of course, always with great friends that will help us get through good and bad moments our individual and collective journeys.

As producers, we take seriously ROSIE AND BEARS’ role as an instrument of communicating great values to society. ROSIE, the brave deer and ZALA, the powerful wizard are two great examples of strong female characters. Every film we make is an opportunity of making this world better. Our tale of two characters, young and old, whom will become great friends, lead us through many aspects of emotions: the joys, the fears, and the laughter of these characters demand to be heard. From the beginning, this film has been a labor of love, a project dedicated to the voices of our characters.

We want to tell a story that matters, a story we can’t keep to ourselves. This is how we feel about ROSIE AND BEAR ©. We hope to inspire everyone to pursue its dreams, and to give life and energy to those who feel they’ve lost it somehow. With tenderness, adventure and humor, great music and great acting, we will bring this timeless journey to all corners of the world.

ROSIE AND BEAR © was selected for the Official Pitch at AFM – American Film Market (Los Angeles, 2017), where the screenwriter-director Fernando Macedo presented the story of the movie to a large audience. The film got 1st place in animated contents and 3rd place on the overall (only behind 2 live-action films).

One of the points highly praised by the jury was the blind BEAR’s point of view with his 2D sensory vision at key moments of the film. The relationship of ROSIE and the BEAR, and the musicality of the film left everyone presents really excited and interested, curious to embark on this journey.

ROSIE AND BEAR © was also selected for the final quarter-finalists of the 2017 Fall Film Fund ScreenCraft supported by BondIt.

The talented production crew includes Cinzia Angelini as Story and Script Supervisor. Cinzia has worked as a story artist in feature productions for more than twenty years in collaborations with all of the major studios in Hollywood, including Sony Imageworks, Walt Disney Animation, Warner Bros, and Illumination Entertainment. Her work includes “Prince of Egypt,” “Spider-man 2″, “Meet the Robinsons,” “Bolt,” “The Minions Movie” and “Despicable Me 3.” Also on our time is Pedro Conti, an ultra-talented CG artist whose credits include DISNEY’S MOANA, and Michael Tavera, composer of Disney’s show ‘’GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’, ”STAR WARS Resistance” and the show ”LILO AND STICH”.



AFM Pitch


AMERICAN FILM MARKET (AFM – Los Angeles) * Pitch * ROSIE AND BEAR™ from SPIRIT Animation on Vimeo.


Promo Reel


ROSIE AND BEAR REEL from SPIRIT Animation on Vimeo.


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